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    Graphic Designer

    Graphic Designer

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    Client Strategy

    Client Strategist

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    Brand Strategist- Execution

    Brand Strategy- Execution


SEO-Content Writer-This position is responsible for executing strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals (general and keyword specific). Content creation and content marketing. Interaction with users and ensuring community engagement. Creating content that optimizes clients’ websites’ results in search engine.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Content development leveraging best SEO/Content marketing practices, ORM practices and brand guidelines.
  • Interaction with users and ensuring community engagement. Creating content that optimizes clients’ websites’ results in search engine.
  • Content curation across different online platforms social, websites etc.
  • Understanding and aligning with project objective and deliverables.
  • Monitoring, supervising and assisting in creation of new strategies/ Content models etc.
  • Assist in defining strategies for wider content penetration, outreach, dissemination etc. (collectively, the “Duties” or “Services”).
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer :This position is responsible for the development and implementation of the brand design strategy, design concepts that meet the business objectives of the client. He/She will be responsible for formulating design strategies which promote excellence.; creating a culture of sharing disruptive ideas/ innovations related to the industry across the agency. The person must be proficient in Photoshop / InDesign / Illustrator.



Client Strategy

Client Strategist:-This position is the link between RepIndia and the client.  He / she is responsible for understanding the client’s core requirements, communicating the briefs to the Company’s respective departments, coordinating between clients and specialized functions of RepIndia for successful execution of integrated online campaigns / websites / branding etc.

  • Management of Accounts
  • Communication – Representation of RepIndia with credibility and professionalism.
  •  Client Relationship – managing daily deliverables, monitor progress and meet deadlines.
  • Business Development – Acquisition of new clients, identify key upselling and cross selling opportunities.
  • Self-Management – manage own ongoing learning and development.
  • Revenue generation through new account development and key account management
  • Well versed with the processes involved in Digital marketing, social media management, search, website development and designing.
  • Consistent follow-through and resourcefulness, in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives
  • Brand Building Strategies, Identification and segregation of potential Market Segments


Brand Strategist- Execution

JD for Brand Strategist-Execution : This position is responsible for the smooth execution of social media campaigns and monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of the content strategy for clients of RepIndia.

Job responsibilities-
  • Account Mining – Identify account mining and cross selling opportunities which would include Social Media, Search, Design and other Value Added Services
  • New Business Development – Ideating and brainstorming for new business and contribution to business pitches
  • Meet Execution / Delivery timelines- Work with clients and internal teams to create social media strategies that collaborates with marketing, PR and advertising campaigns
  • Research top influencers, competitors, and trends in clients’ industries
  • Keep up to date with changes and developments in the industry and inform the client about the same
  • Prepare of the SMO Report
  • Recommend changes in strategies (content, creative and other) based on the analysis of the accounts in the Monthly Report
  • Analyse and Monitor the effectiveness of various aspects of the campaign such as community, traffic, conversations and engagements, leads and conversions
  • Suggest additional analytics / changes in the reporting format to add more value. Suggest Paid Media on every month with the monthly reports
  • Suggest Campaign Ideas for individual accounts based on products, values, new launches, events, observances etc.
  • Monitor Digital & New Media industry trends and competitor offerings to identify potential business avenues and improve current offerings (better value for customer and better financial value for RepIndia)
  • Monitor third party sites (TripAdvisor / Zomato) for customer service opportunities and engage with customers
  • Stay current with social media trends and tool scheduling of all content buckets
  • Prepare of monthly Social Media reports.



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